Amazon Offering Cash Back to Customers Who Shop at Whole Foods

Amazon Squeezes More Benefits Out of Whole Foods

Amazon Prime Card Holders To Get 5% Back At Whole Foods Stores

"We discussed in our June webinar that the two biggest assets that supermarkets could leverage to grow their online businesses - especially in light of Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods - are location and connections", he said.

The thing to keep in mind is that you will receive the five percent bonus only if you're a Prime member.

Amazon is leaving no stone unturned to rake in more Prime members, and channel those towards Whole Foods and vice versa.

Also published on Medium. The perks were launched in the hope of encouraging spending on Amazon and fueling purchases of Amazon's $99 per year Prime membership, as well as encouraging Prime members to shop at the Whole Foods.

Expected to wrap up by the end of 2018, the merger of the two units could "eventually streamline a delivery experience for Whole Foods", which became an Amazon division last August. Recently, Amazon rolled out same-day shipping from Whole Foods stores for Prime members in four markets. Customers with the non-Prime version of the card will earn 3 percent back. As long as they use the Amazon Rewards Visa card at Whole Foods, they'll get 3% back on every purchase.

Note that the rewards can be redeemed only at Amazon, which works well for frequent Amazon customers, but may be frustrating for shoppers who compare prices across multiple retailers. Amazon has said Prime is becoming the loyalty program for the chain which it acquired a year ago, although how exactly that would work remains unclear. Nordstrom offers a doubling of Nordstrom points, and Toys R Us offers eight times the stores points at Toys R Us and Babies R Us, plus 10% off store purchases every Thursday. This may be a low estimate because of the chain's expensive products and a customer base more likely to pay for them.

Amazon is making it even easier to save big on groceries.

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