New iOS Bug Can Crash iPhones, Render iMessages and Apps Inaccessible

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The bug is an Indian language (Telugu) character that can be sent through messaging platforms on any Apple product that runs iOS 11 or macOS.

Then, when you go to reboot your device, this bug will lock-up the Messages app as well. Apple is now looking into the issues to reinstate the architecture of the software in the eyes of the public and make the updates, more efficient and stable. "It seems, however, that the beta of iOS 11.3 is already immune, which is a good signal". The Telugu iOS 11 bug can also crash third-party apps like Facebook Messenger, Gmail, Outlook, and WhatsApp. Another bug in December could cause iPhones to crash.

The character comes from the Telugu language, a Central-Southern Dravidian dialect spoken in India by about 70 million people, around five percent of the total Indian population. Italian technology blog Mobile World broke the news about the unsafe new bug at the start of the week.

The device would only open the iMessages when another friend sent a message and tried to delete the thread which had the bad character. Skype and Telegram are the only major messaging services unaffected by the issue.

The new iOS brought with it a host of bugs for users, with the worst of it hitting iPhone and iPad owners late previous year. Apple told The Verge that it will release an iOS update prior to version 11.3 (likely 11.2.6) to address the issue soon.

While many bugs are relatively benign, often getting patched before the user knows anything is wrong, the latest plague to hit Apple devices is already wreaking havoc on internet.

If you receive the symbol in a message do not attempt to open because it causes the iOS Springboard - which manages the devices homescreen - to crash.

A MALICIOUS "text bomb" is causing Apple devices to crash leaving users unable to access their messages. This year looks to be more of the same, though, as Apple's mobile software has a newly discovered bug that can crash an iPhone and render a few important apps inaccessible.

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