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In an interview published on Sunday, Mr Trump also told an Israeli newspaper that he was sceptical that either side - Palestinians or Israelis - were ready to make peace.

Trump added that the issue of settlements will be discussed, when asked whether this issue would become a part of the USA plan to settle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

"Right now the Palestinians aren't willing to to make peace, they're not". Pressed on whether he wishes for the Israeli prime minister to emerge without a criminal charge, Adelson replied: "I wish for peace".

Trump White House has been less publicly critical of Israel's settlement building than previous administrations.

"Russia will have an important role in this matter, including launching an worldwide peace conference and several important issues that require consultation with all relevant parties until we achieve the interest of the Palestinian people", Khalidi added.

Trump honored a campaign promise in December by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital and vowing to relocate the U.S. Embassy there.

In addition, Israeli authorities are continuously bulldozing Palestinian villages while Israeli armed forces are forcibly expelling Palestinians from their homes - all of which amounts to human rights abuses.

In addition to recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, USA administration has also cut funding to United Nations agency assisting Palestinian refugees and threatened to withhold money to Palestinians unless they resume negotiations with Israel. -Israeli relations are at an all-time high, he said, and the chance to make peace "will never happen after this". Settlements are considered illegal under global law.

Israel for its part is continuing to aggressively pursue the expansion of Jewish settlements in the occupied territories, which are another major stumbling block in the peace process.

Last year Mr. Modi became the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Israel; the Ramallah visit has come just weeks after his Israeli counterpart, Benjamin Netanyahu, visited India.

Asked about the issue of settlements, the US President called them "something that very much complicates and always have complicated making peace".

Ishtayeh added that the Palestinians will continue their efforts to achieve this and "to ensure that we are concerned with a serious and genuine political path based on worldwide legitimacy and global law".

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