Trump Has a New Plan to Save Money on Food Stamps

Possible changes coming to SNAP

White House proposing to change how millions of Americans eat

White House budget director Mick Mulvaney compared the idea to Blue Apron, the meal-kit delivery service that sends subscribers gourmet recipes and ingredients.

Harlan Hill said on Fox News' Your World With Neil Cavuto, "We can navigate these problems". The remainder of their benefits would be given to them on electronic benefit cards, as before.

But a government program delivering non-perishable foods at a discount bears little semblance to Blue Apron, a meal delivery service which says it only delivers farm-fresh, seasonal produce, meat with no hormones, and sustainably-sourced seafood, among other expensive and fresh foods. Instead, according to NPR, the packages would consist of "shelf-stable milk, ready to eat cereals, pasta, peanut butter, beans and canned fruit and vegetables". The reality according to the Census Bureau is that 1.5 million low income veterans depend on SNAP for food assistance.

"Holy mackerel", Kevin Concannon, who oversaw SNAP under the Obama administration, said of the proposal in an interview with Politico. Trump should trust Americans to buy the food that's right for their families - and not implement programs that may wind up costing taxpayers more than they're worth.

"We already do that type of work on a much smaller scale", Arthur said, "But I will tell you that, in addition to the food that's provided, there would have to be a lot of additional funding to allow organizations like us to actually get that type of food to people in need". "So we're pretty excited about that".

With an annual cost of $70.9 billion, SNAP makes up about 80 percent of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) budget.

Stricter work requirements would be enacted for households with able-bodied adults to continue to receive food stamps under the "Welfare to Work" section of Trump's proposed budget.

An "anti-hunger" group, the Food Research and Action Center, blasted the harvest box as "a Rube-Goldberg designed system" that would be "costly, inefficient, stigmatizing, and prone to failure". The boxes would not include fresh fruits or vegetables.

All Faiths Food Bank in Sarasota helps supplement groceries to 65,000 people in Sarasota and DeSoto counties and many of them have food stamps.

"USDA America's Harvest Box is a bold, innovative approach to providing nutritious food to people who need assistance feeding themselves and their families - and all of it is home grown by American farmers and producers", Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said in a statement.

How they would distribute foods to people with specialized diets, or [to people in] rural areas ... Food Bank officials don't think the SNAP Program deserves a dramatic change.

The supermarket industry pours $840 billion into the economy.

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