Israel's War With Iran Comes Out of the Shadows

HR Prompts SMH to Correct Iranian Drone Error

Syria threatens to respond any future Israeli aggression

The events brings to the fore an escalation of tensions that are decades old, and the standoff marked a first between the two countries since 1982.

How do you see Russia's role with regard to Israel and Iran? The IAF retaliated by bombing Iran's drone base deep inside Syria.

In the Israeli attack, one of its F16 jets was shot down by intense anti-aircraft missile fire.

The first red line would be allowing Iran to establish a "forward" military base for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Steinitz said.

"We do not confirm any reports coming from Israel because Israelis are liars".

However, his comments were quickly met with condemnation by a senior Iranian official who said the forces were "legitimate" and at the invitation of Syria.

Soon after the drone entered their airspace, it was shot down by the Israeli Air Force.

However, what would be the implications of Iranian capitulation to Israel's military strikes in Syria that seek to deter Tehran's resolve in the region?

While seemingly running against the grain of Iran's modern strategic culture for basing its forces overseas, the prospect of Tehran militarizing parts of Syria or Lebanon long-term is deeply alarming - to say the least.

It is to ignore that Israel has been in illegal military occupation of Syrian territory since 1967, land seized in a war Israel started.

It was reported that Israel "intended to continue destroying the rest of the missile launchers, but Netanyahu ordered a halt to the operation following a telephone conversation with Putin", in which he was informed that Moscow opposes "the escalation and warns against harming its interests in Syria". President Vladimir Putin has not officially confirmed this to his country.

"We will respond to any provocation and defend our crucial security interests", he said at Kiryat Shmona city hall, during a tour of defense contractors in the area.

"We are concerned at the Iranian actions, which detract from efforts to get a genuine peace process under way", Johnson said in a statement.

Whatever the differences in goals and tactics of the imperialist and reactionary militaries intervening against Syria's people - which include the US, its European NATO imperialist allies, Turkey, Israel and various reactionary sectarian militias - the people of Syria have the right to fight and to make their own alliances to preserve their independence and national sovereignty against any and all of these forces.

Both moves threaten Israel from the north.

This time it is Russian Federation that keeps casting a Security Council veto, preventing action, just as the U.S. has done (many more times) on behalf of Israel. So, if the US attacks Iranian assets in Syria, Iran would be likely to withdraw. Both Turkey and Iran are anxious due to their Kurdish minorities, which have argued for independence in decades past.

Iran's continued political influence over the Assad government has been a major concern for Israel.

"By Allah's favor and grace, nothing called the Zionist regime will exist by 25 years from now". How much can the USA or Russians help, remains an open question.

"The Iranian forces can destroy all American bases across the region by launching attacks from inside the country..." This state of affairs was obviously disruptive for Iranian designs in the region and a bitter pill for the Assad regime to swallow.

The IAF estimates that the Syrians were successful in downing the F-16 jet as a result of a technical issue in which the proper defense systems in the warplane were not activated.

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