AG Healey Statement on DACA ruling

Second judge blocks Trump from ending DACA

Trump's move to end DACA program blocked by second US judge

President Donald Trump moved a year ago to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, telling Congress to find a legislative fix for "Dreamers" who were plunged into legal limbo by his decision. "Because that conclusion was erroneous, the decision to end the DACA programme can not stand".

"We want really tremendous border security, but we have to have Democrat support for DACA", Trump said, adding that he wanted to address immigration reform, including DACA, on its own rather than wrap it up in the large budget deal that he signed last week.

The termination of the programme, in which over 600,000 primarily Hispanic young adults are enrolled in, by the administration was based on what Garaufis called the "plainly incorrect factual premise" that it was illegal.

The president's proposal is now being considered in the Senate.

Today, a federal judge granted Attorney General Schneiderman and his fellow Attorneys General's motion for a preliminary injunction to block President Trump's rescission of DACA.

Sixteen states, including NY, and Washington DC sued the Trump administration in September to block the administration's move to end the programme.

Some media outlets erroneously reported that the ruling would require the Trump administration to accept new applications for DACA.

"Federal courts from coast to coast have now reviewed the record and reached the same conclusion: President Trump's decision to rescind DACA was illegal", Schneiderman said in a statement. Kuka said that these earlier studies were limited to the population of individuals who already graduated from high school, whereas their study also looked at the effect of DACA in incentivizing students to finish high school and therefore be eligible for college entry.

"The Trump administration should be able to alter the policies and priorities set by its predecessor", Garaufis said.

"Wouldn't it be great if we could finally, after so many years, solve the DACA puzzle", Trump tweeted Tuesday.

Garaufis was responding to a question regarding Trump's comments in a closed-door meeting with senators in which the President asked why people from Haiti and more Africans were wanted in the U.S. and added that the United States should get more people from countries like Norway.

"Today's ruling gives hope to me and dreamers around the country", said Eliana Fernandez, a plaintiff in the case.

The most recent decision reinforces the case against the elimination of DACA, djio Tumlin, on the eve of the decision that the Supreme Court of the Nation must make this Friday in an appeal that the government made after the January decision.

The administration is asking the justices to hear arguments and rule by the end of their term in June.

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