Israel Police Set to Indict Netanyahu Over Bribery

The Israeli government on Sunday began warning thousands of African migrants to leave the country by the end of March

The Israeli government on Sunday began warning thousands of African migrants to leave the country by the end of March

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has lashed out at police over claims detectives probing graft allegations against him were targeted by private investigators as the probe reportedly nears completion.

. The investigation is known in Israel as "Case 1,000", but until Wednesday, it was unclear how likely charges would be brought.

In 2014, Netanyahu met with the health minister of the Czech Republic and spoke about the possibility of exporting Israeli cannabis to that European nation.

Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit, a Netanyahu appointee, has been accused of dragging his feet on the investigations.

In an interview on Israeli television on Wednesday, Police Commissioner, Roni Alshiekh, said that investigators were "sniffing" around to dig up dirt on officers.

Netanyahu himself is no stranger to investigations: In 1997, during his first term, police wanted him to stand trial in an influence-peddling case involving the appointment of an attorney general. Netanyahu has also charged the Israeli media with spreading "fake news" in regards to the investigations.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's aides have been urging a Likud MK to drop his bill to annex the West Bank, despite it being supported by the majority of Netanyahu's base, so as not to irritate the Trump administration.

Netanyahu is being probed for allegations that he accepted luxurious gifts, such as expensive cigars and champagne from wealthy supporters and made a secret deal with a newspaper publisher in order to get favorable coverage of his government's work.

Netanyahu has denied any wrongdoing.

He said he was "confident in the fact that at the end of the day, the legal authorities will arrive at the only conclusion possible, the simple truth: There is nothing". Only if he is convicted - and once any such conviction is upheld throughout the appeals process - would Netanyahu be forced to resign.

But an indictment is sure to encourage his political rivals - including those from within his own party - to move against him.

The feud comes as local media are reporting that police plan to recommend indicting the Premier as early as next week. He was freed from prison in July after being granted parole from a 27-month sentence.

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