CAS opens case for 15 Russians appealing Pyeongchang exclusion

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GETTYRussian athletes will compete under the Olympic flag at Pyeong Chang 2018

The ruling by the sports court was a blow to the International Olympic Committee and has shifted some of the focus away from Friday's opening of the Games in frigid South Korea with around 3,000 athletes participating.

The German told a media conference in Pyeongchang on Sunday: "Yes - we are considering (an appeal)". The IOC is considering whether to appeal the CAS decision at the Swiss Federal Tribunal.

"This morning we had an opportunity to have a discussion between the two organisations and everything is okay. If we have any such prospect, we will appeal".

He called for a review of the internal structures of CAS to resolve issues such as delayed reasoned decisions.

Moon said that the PyeongChang Olympics is set to open thanks to efforts by the IOC which has repeatedly confirmed that dialogue and peace coincide with the Olympic spirit.

On Monday, the Olympic governing body still denied invitations to the 2018 Games in respect of 13 Russian athletes and two coaches, ignoring the CAS ruling which had dropped all doping allegations against them.

The Russian athletes' statement said that they have supported the International Olympic Committee statement "that it's necessary to respect rights of clean athletes".

Princess Ann is in Pyeongchang for the Winter Olympics

"It is sad for me to see other Russian athletes posting videos and photos from Korea". 'So far the panel was not able to produce a reasoned decision which we are eagerly waiting for'.

"I hope very much that this decision will come in the next couple of days".

The IOC only authorized the participation of 168 Russian athletes from an initial list of 500 presented by the Russian National Olympic Committee.

Bach will try to focus on the opening ceremony and look for good news as North Korean and South Korean athletes compete alongside each other under a symbolic deal aimed at easing tension on the Korean peninsula.

Despite the impact of their information, the Stepanovs and Rodchenkov have fled to the United States for fear of their lives and gone into hiding after they were branded traitors in Russian Federation.

These athletes, if they medal, won't hear the Russian anthem being played, instead the Olympic Flag will be raised as the Olympic anthem will be raised.

"The timing there was not in our hands", he said. "Unfortunately, here in Pyeongchang, this reallocation of medals can not happen yet".

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