YouTube's TV Streaming Service Debuts on Roku


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Google has been working on solving this problem with its "offline first" YouTube Go app, but the app has only been available in a handful of countries for the past year. That app works offline, without a connection, and gives users control over mobile data consumption on a per-video basis. Among the top five networks in primetime and total day viewers that are not available on the service include TNT, HGTV, Nickelodeon, and the Discovery networks.

The new rules introduced by the US-based video internet giant are likely to affect clips from media outlets such as RT and Sputnik.

YouTube Go was launched previous year, initially in India, as it was a lightweight version of the app intended for those who have limited space and memory in their devices as well as intermittent data speeds. YouTube TV is now available in over 80 metropolitan markets with plans to expand further in the coming months. YouTube News senior product manager Geoff Samek said in a blog post Friday that these notices will only be shown to US audiences for the time being. Via Twitter, the folks at YouTube recently revealed that the YouTube TV app is now available for the Apple TV.

Besides being available on the Apple App Store, the YouTube TV app has also become available for select Roku devices.

Subscribers get access to live television shows from major broadcast networks like ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox, as well as certain sports and cable channels. YouTube has also invited its users to assist this process by providing feedback when they encounter a state-sponsored video that isn't tagged this way. "And finally, it's a social experience, connecting you with the people and content you care about".

Roku, a series of streaming players is the latest platform to receive an actual big-screen YouTube TV app's compatibility.

"There is great momentum around the world with localised versions of YouTube now in 90 countries in 80 different languages". It has not revealed any plans for Fire TV or PlayStation apps.

Alphabet reported fourth quarter revenues of US$32.3 billion, up 24% year-on-year, and operating income of US$7.66 billion, up 15%.

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