Fargo woman gets life for killing pregnant Greywind, stealing baby

Brooke Lynn Crews has been arrested in connection with this case

Fargo woman gets life for killing pregnant Greywind, stealing baby

Crews faced three charges, including conspiracy to commit murder, which carries a maximum punishment of life without the possibility of parole.

The 22-year-old disappeared on August 19 after heading off to visit her next-door neighbour Brooke Lynn Crews for a dress fitting.

She had no visible reaction when State District Judge Frank Racek handed down the sentence.

"I miss her laugh, I miss her so much", the mother said between tears.

Greywind's mother, Norberta LaFontaine-Greywind, said during the sentencing hearing that what Crews did was "beyond evil" and that "I don't feel there is any court sentence that would ever be strong enough".

"I would hear people say the pain of losing a child is like no other pain".

The baby, a girl called Haisley Jo, was later found safe and well at the apartment Crews shared with boyfriend William Hoehn, 32. "There is nothing. I know it doesn't help, but I am sorry". "My heart is broken".

"You would never wish this suffering on anybody, on anybody's family, on anybody's sister or daughter or mother", said Gloria Allred, attorney for the Greywind family. As Andrews told the court how hard this has been for Matheny, the baby sat quietly, playing with the attorney's hands and looking curiously around the courtroom.

Mottinger said he would not be bringing up his client's hard life or past during the sentencing.

Haisley Jo was named after her grandfather and it also translates to "survivor".

Savanna LaFontaine-Greywind's boyfriend Ashston Matheny holds their daughter, Haisley Jo, as victim impact statements are read during the sentencing of Brooke Crews at the Cass County District Court on Friday, Feb. 2, 2018.

Crews initially claimed that Greywind gave up her newborn daughter, but she later admitted taking advantage of the woman to get the child, according to court documents.

Crews admitted responsibility in December. "Brooke Crews by her horrific, criminal acts took an angel from us". Norberta Greywind said she was "satisfied" with the sentence, while Matheny thanked the judge for not showing lenience while sentencing crews. "There is nothing. I am guilty and I deserve every year I get", Crews said.

LaFontaine-Greywind's family reported her missing shortly after she went to Crews' apartment.

Although the prosecutors have yet to define the terms of parole, Crews plead guilty to lying to authorities, conspiracy to commit abduction, and first-degree premeditated murder.

Extensive searches followed her disappearance until her body was found by kayakers in a river wrapped in plastic. As for the woman's boyfriend, the authorities declared that the man chose to plead not guilty to the charges. Her baby was found healthy in the possession of Crews. His trial set to begin in May.

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