Monster Hunter World Debuts in First Place of UK Sales Chart

Monster Hunter World devs release behind the scenes video

Street Fighter's Ryu and Sakura will be coming to Monster Hunter: World

Well, it turns out Capcom is aware of our plight, with Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto revealing in an interview with Game Watch Impress at Taipei Game Show 2018 that a complete character creation do-over option could make its way to Monster Hunter: World if fans are vocal enough. Capcom has announced that they've shipped over five million units, and it debuted in first place on the United Kingdom sales chart.

Chart-Track observed much higher week-one sales for Monster Hunter World compared to any other game in the series.

While the results aren't necessarily indicative of the specific number of copies sold, it's still a fairly accurate way of predicting how well the game has been doing.

"Speaking to the world's leading real-life monster hunter, Jon Downes, we were inspired to re-open investigations into a select list of top 10 beasts, setting a huge bounty to really encourage people to get back out hunting for evidence". Yes, the franchise has always maintained a loyal fanbase, which it well deserves. They will even change your hunter's voice to that of Ryu or Sakura's, depending on whose clothes you've donned.

The collaborative effort is being run in celebration of the launch of Monster Hunter World.

For one, according to Capcom, Monster Hunter World has set the series record for most units shipped in the first three days.

"And not long after that, two new Event Quests will be added to the rotation for all players (PS4 and Xbox One) and completing them will get you new 'SFV Tickets, ' so you can craft the Ryu and Sakura sets", reads the update. A version of the game will also be released on the PC sometime later this year so the numbers will be trending upwards.

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