Prominent Hamas Leader Dies 3 Weeks after Accidentally Shooting himself

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Prominent Hamas Leader Dies 3 Weeks after Accidentally Shooting himself

One of the founders of the Palestinian terror group Hamas died on Tuesday, three weeks after he was shot in the head in what officials said was an accident.

Al-Alami was seriously injured three weeks ago when a bullet reportedly hit his head as he was checking his personal weapon at his home.

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Imad Khaled Namik Al-Alami was born in Gaza City on 16 February 1956.

Al-Alami has for decades been a senior member of Hamas, which runs the Gaza Strip.

The group hasn't revealed details on the shooting, and it remains unclear whether al-Alami was a target for assassination, whether he committed suicide due to severe illness, or if the shooting was indeed accidental. Hamas has said Iran is now its leading military backer.

The 62-year-old held several key posts as a member of Hamas' policy-making body and lived in Syria before returning to Gaza in 2012.

Hamas elected him as Ismail Haniyeh's deputy in the Gaza Strip in 2013. He did not take part in press conferences; nor was he active on any social media platform.

Alami suffered a serious leg injury during the Israel-Hamas war in the summer of 2014, according to the group's own website, but the circumstances of his injury are mysterious. He was treated in Turkey.

Seen here in 1999 when he was Hamas's Syrian representative Emad al-Alami arrives for a meeting of Palestinian leaders in Damascus.

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