Actor Scott Baio denies misconduct claims by former co-star

Scott Baio appears on a Facebook Live stream to address sexual assault and misconduct allegations on Jan. 27 2018

Scott Baio appears on a Facebook Live stream to address sexual assault and misconduct allegations on Jan. 27 2018

He was 11 years older than Eggert while they were co-stars, and she was verily a minor (having been born in January 1972) during her time on the show.

A person who said he worked on the set of Charles in Charge posted a tweet in support of Eggert, claiming he was aware of the alleged sexual misconduct.

Baio and his wife are big supporters of Trump and have given many speeches in his favourWhat are the Nicole Eggert molestation allegations?

Scott Baio took to Facebook on January 27 to post a live video of himself denying the alleged sexual molestation claims that his former co-star Nicole Eggert made against him.

She claims the Happy Days star molested her in his garage in 1986 - when she was 14-years-old and he was 26.

Eggert and Baio starred together on the network sitcom Charles in Charge in the 1980s.

But Eggert has never taken her claims to the cops, he noted.

Baio's wife, Renee Baio, also replied to the former "Baywatch" star, tweeting that her husband's legal team served her with two cease-and-desist letters. "She seduced me. She came in the house and started kissing me". She questioned one user: "What is your explanation for him fingering me at age 14?"

Eggert described herself on Twitter as a "molested child".

Baio immediately refuted Eggert's claims, doing a Facebook Live video "to prove her claims are 100% lies!"

In the video, Baio said that Eggert was his "best friend" and was a friend of his wife's but that now, all of a sudden he is "a bogeyman".

Eggert made the accusations in a series of tweets Saturday morning. Baio did not respond at the time, but on Facebook Live and on Twitter produced letters from a year ago addressed to Eggert and another co-star, Alexander Polinsky, 43, challenging them to go to the police if they had proof.

He told his followers: "If you have a real claim you go to the real people, not social media, where people like me get beat up".

He acknowledged that he and Eggert did have sex but claimed that it was consensual and that she would have been at least 18, or possibly 19 or 20, at the time of their encounter. "The evidence it contains proves beyond doubt that she initiated our one and only sexual contact and that it was well after she turned 18".

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