Apple Previews iOS 11.3 With Improvements To ARKit, Messages, And More

iPhone users will be able to download medical records from hospitals after Apple software update

Apple update to enable users to see health records on their iPhones

The iOS 11.3 update will add a battery health meter and offer a user different recommendations when it is time to get your battery checked out.

The first public beta of tvOS 11.3 asks Apple TV users to identify the location of their Apple TV devices to stream music to multiple HomePod units supporting AirPlay 2. "Health Records data is encrypted and protected with a passcode", the company revealed.

Apple is still working on these features, so they didn't make the cut for the first iOS 11.3 beta. EENA's executive director, Gary Machado, is happy with Apple's announcement: "This is huge news for people's safety".

Still want more with iOS 11.3?

iOS 11.3 will also bring ARKit 1.5, an update to the company's augmented reality platform. AR is showing considerable promise in a number of areas such as in training applications where employees can see what appear to be real items in a virtualized environment. In the new iOS 11.3 update, users will be able to view health records of yours. The wireless standard builds on the original AirPlay with multi-room audio, HomeKit integration and other system-level improvements that allow users to listen to and control content throughout their house.

iPhone and iPad users will also find it easier to access medical data from participating healthcare organizations. It is not yet supported in the US.

Among the companies Business Chat initially will work with are Lowe's, Discover and Wells Fargo. I noticed that no airlines have signed up for this capability, which somehow isn't surprising.

Another feature coming to Messages is something called Business Chat.

iPhone users will be able to download medical records from hospitals after Apple software update
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The feature activates Global Positioning System and Wi-Fi services when someone calls any emergency number and then sends a text with the caller's precise location to responders. Apple should eat its own dog food here and put Apple Support on Business Chat, much as it has with Twitter. The next-generation tablet will most likely ship with an LCD, instead of an OLED display like the iPhone X, due to pricing and supply concerns. Apple insisted it was simply trying to extend the lives of older iPhones, but issued an apology last month and promised to replace batteries in affected devices at a $50 discount, lowering the price to $29.

iOS 11.2.5 update has a regular size of 178 MB.

One of the major updates to iOS 11 itself include an updated ARKit.

Apple has previewed the features and more about the future update of iOS.

It may also be part of a trend.

The latest version will allow users to trace the actual battery health statistics features.

If that's the case, it's a useful trend.

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