Apple Books makeover has Amazon in its sights

Apple Books makeover has Amazon in its sights

Report: Apple working on revamped Books app

The company is working on a redesigned version of its iBooks app - potentially called just Books - that's supposed to be simpler to use and feature an updated digital bookstore, according to Bloomberg, which cited unnamed sources. That resulted in a $450 million fine for Apple in 2016.

Gurman pointed out that the "Apple Books Store" rebranding appears to be a strategy by which Apple hopes to regain its footing in the the e-books market - a category dominated by e-commerce giant, Amazon - in the wake of its previous fallout with the U.S. Department of Justice. It may also have a redesigned book store that looks similar to the redesign App Store that the company launched in 2017.

Developers can download iOS 11.3 now (its final version will be available in the spring), and many have noticed that iBooks has been renamed, simply, "Books".

The reading app has so far played a somewhat secondary role compared to the other services in the lineup, which is reflected in the fact that the last time it received a significant update was years ago.

The news about the upcoming transformation of iBooks for iPhones and iPads comes after Apple named a new executive to lead its revived effort in the ebook market. It follows the example of the Apple Podcasts app, though that redesign hasn't been met with much praise. But Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook has pledged that services will generate about $50 billion in annual revenue by 2021, up from $30 billion previous year. Many industry participants questioned the ruling in the case, since it obviously favored Amazon. In December, it hired Kashif Zafar, a senior vice president from Audible, Amazon's audio books business. An Apple spokesman declined to comment.

Earlier today, a report by Bloomberg mentioned that Apple is working on big changes for the Books app (previously called iBooks) and the Apple Books Store.

Back in 2012, the DOJ filed a lawsuit against Apple alleging that the company "orchestrated a scheme" to raise the price of e-books.

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