Video of exploding iPhone battery spreads fear

Man Causes Explosion in Electronics Store After Biting iPhone Battery

A man bit a smartphone battery as a test, and it exploded

Well, a man at an electronic store in China tried the same trick to know whether it is fake or not, and the battery exploded on his face. Local reports suggest that the man was attempting to test the battery's authenticity. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is decelerating older models of the iPhone with aged batteries after a big uproar over it.

A man decided he needed to verify if a smartphone battery was original, so he bit it.

According to the Taiwan News, the guy was in the unnamed store having the battery replaced on his iPhone (although note that we can't independently verify if it was, indeed, an iPhone he made a decision to snack on).

You should never bite a smartphone battery. You are on the very right page and here we are going to tell you that how and when iPhone battery exploded in somebody's mouth.

Interestingly, this comes at a time when Apple is under fire for intentionally throttling CPU performance to give precedence to battery life, besides preventing sudden shut downs as well. The iPhone maker, however, offers cheaper iPhone battery replacements than before, even for devices with batteries that have not aged to the point where they'd trigger slowdowns.

Note - we strongly advise not to test any type of battery in this manner.

For those who would rather not deal with throttling and don't want to replace their battery, a solution is coming with iOS 11.3.

"When we did put [the speed-sapping software update] out, we did say what it was but I don't think a lot of people were paying attention", Cook said.

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