Microsoft Launches Xbox One X in India

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The new Xbox One X patch for Forza Horizon 3 supports 4K resolution

Will this new Xbox Game Pass expansion finally tempt you into giving it a shot? It's always been a neat little extra, but as of this week it's evolving into something much more useful.

Today, Xbox announced that Game Pass will now provide subscribers with first-party Xbox One titles on the same day as release. After getting beaten out by Sony during that fateful E3 Microsoft has really kicked it into overdrive - competition is good!

That is being priced at 59.99 U.S. dollars, but no United Kingdom pricing has been confirmed yet. A large number of the Xbox Game Pass games now available are console-exclusives, so that means the subscription isn't necessarily worthwhile if you're not also playing on Xbox. Xbox Game Pass follows the lead of movie and TV streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, which have their own exclusive offerings available to anyone who pays a monthly fee. In entice more people to subscribe, on March 20th Microsoft will be releasing a $59.99 Xbox Game Pass subscription card which will last for six months.

Spencer also hinted that there were more new features to come.

The new initiative applies to all Microsoft Studios games in the future, which has whet the appetite for more Xbox One exclusives. "We've listened to our community and are excited to be bringing this new console to Indian gamers", said Priyadarshi Mohapatra - Country General Manager, Consumer & Devices Sales, Microsoft India. "We firmly believe Xbox Game Pass will be a catalyst to create new opportunities for game developers and publishers to innovate in the way games are developed and delivered, leading to entirely new ways to play", Phil Spencer, Executive Vice President of Gaming, Microsoft, in a statement. The console will be available online on the Microsoft India store, Amazon India and Flipkart.

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