Google Play audiobook offers might be coming really soon

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It looks like the Google Play store will soon sell audiobooks

Creating a single hub for it could mean that Google is committed to making the Google Play Store as accessible as possible to all types of fans.

All that remains is for Google to flip the switch on its end and you'll be able to feed your audiobook obsession through Google Play.

Interestingly, another suggests that even the Google Play Books app is about to be upgraded with audiobook support.

When the banner was clicked, it didn't work and is not appearing for everyone.

According to report in 9to5Google, Google on Friday ran a promotional banner announcing the arrival of the audiobooks in the Play Store. The Google Play store has revealed that it will soon start selling audiobooks alongside its existing media like movies, TV shows, music, digital books, and more. The banner also says that users will be able to enjoy a 50 percent discount for the first audiobook that they purchase. Though the link doesn't work for now, we expect it to be operational soon.

Google Play's music library does host a selection of audiobooks, but the implementation has always felt a little sloppy. This clears that the giant will definitely going to add Audiobooks section to the Play Store as the ads are already live on some user's website and mobile apps.

As of now, there is no information of when this specific section will be introduced, and how they will be accessed.

Separately, a report from Android Police claims that the Google Play Books app would also be updated to include audiobooks.

Meanwhile, several companies have recently been improving support for audiobooks. Citing changes made to the app's code, the report says that now the tabs will be divided into two separate tabs - Audiobooks and ebooks.

If it happens, Google's move into the audiobook market could be significant, because it would challenge Amazon's domination of the market.

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