Stormy Daniels: Ben Roethlisberger walked me home after affair with Donald Trump

Trump and Stormy Daniels allegedly had sex four months after Melania gave birthMore

Trump and Stormy Daniels allegedly had sex four months after Melania gave birthMore

The pornstar was paid the amount with an agreement to stay silent about the alleged affair with Trump that happened in 2006 after wife Melania Trump gave birth to their son.

USA magazine InTouch on Thursday published for the first time an interview conducted with Daniels in 2011 where it revelaed how President Trump cheated on wife Melania. Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, has had a contract with the porn studio Wicked Pictures since 2002.

The porn star also claimed Trump compared her to Ivanka, saying: "He once told me that I was someone to be reckoned with, attractive and smart just like his daughter".

Weisberg articulated a handful of times Daniels said she was with Trump, including at a hotel in Nevada, where the affair began, as well as in NY and Los Angeles.

Weisberg writes, "Not long after the 2016 Republican National Convention, I got a tip from a friend of mine".

The encounter allegedly occurred when Daniels accepted Trump's dinner invitation after the two crossed paths at a charity golf event.

The club's Facebook page says Daniels will perform twice and between shows will be "mingling with the guests, taking photos and doing lap dances".

Slate reporter Jacob Weisberg said, after the Journal's report, that he had been in contact with Daniels from August to October 2016. This was preceded by allegations that surfaced last week, which claimed that Donald Trump's personal lawyer brokered a deal for her never to speak again.

She also said she could identify the president's "junk, if it came to that".

While the magazine had previously released excerpts of the interview, in the full version Clifford details at length her 2006 relationship with the businessman, including encounters with his entourage, his teetotaling lifestyle and his phobia of sharks.

The most recent details to be revealed about the alleged affair between Donald Trump and porn star #Stormy Daniels are not good for the president [VIDEO].

Clifford told Weisberg that her lawyer Keith Davidson, who has represented a number of pornographic-film stars and models, had negotiated the $130,000 deal with Michael D. Cohen, Trump's lawyer. "ABC, Fox News, The Daily Beast, Slate all had the opportunity to run the story and decided not to".

A Fox News reporter, according to a CNN report, was also pursuing the story about the alleged affair.

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