Firefighters save families from apartment fire

DeKalb County Fire Rescue

DeKalb County Fire Rescue

Stroup, a third-generation firefighter, can bee seen catching the child and carrying it to safety before collapsing on his knees.

According to the Fire Department, firefighters were catching babies and children as they were dropped from the higher floors of the complex.

Captain Eric Jackson told CBS46 that firefighters instinctively instructed the parents to throw down the babies.

"We had two or three firefighters getting babies, so it was simply extremely fantastic".

Video of one of the firefighters catching a child thrown into his waiting arms was quickly shared around social media. The baby was being rescued as the building burned all around them.

"I run to get my sister out of the room", she said.

It was just one of the miraculous saves made during the January 3 fire, which quickly engulfed an apartment building in Decatur, Ga., according to local media reports.

"I got halfway up there and here comes a baby into my arms", she said. The images - which could be traumatic to some viewers - shows Stroup catching the young child, which was dropped from the third story balcony.

Stroup wasn't the only one to catch one of the eight children rescued in the blaze. Cpt. Assistant Chief Jeff Crump also rescued a wheelchair user from the apartment.

The cause of the fire is unknown.

The local fire chief Jeff Crump said he "heard the screams" initially before realising that the flames were about five feet from the family on the balcony.

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