Florida reports 2nd human rabies death in recent months

Credit NBC Miami

Credit NBC Miami

Despite his instructions, Henry told NBC News that his son came into contact with the bat and was scratched.

Ryker Roque died on Sunday at an Orlando hospital, a week after touching a bat which his father Henry had found in the garden and put in a bucket.

The treatment has only worked twice in the US and 18 times around the world. The boy didn't listen to his father, so he went to the porch and touched the bat.

He said he had found a sick bat, put it in a bucket and told his son not to touch it, but he did and was scratched.

They knew they had to take the boy to the hospital, but Ryker started crying thinking that he's going to get shots.

A young Florida boy tragically died from rabies after he was scratched by a bat that was infected by the disease, which is usually lethal when left untreated.

A week later, the boy complained of having a headache and that his fingers were numb.

According to Today, medical staff was in shock.

Rabies is nearly always fatal once symptoms develop, as it indicates that the virus has spread to the central nervous system.

With bats it can be hard to tell that you've been bitten due to the small size of their teeth.

Additionally, the incubation period for rabies can be months meaning symptoms develop long after the incident occurred.

After that point, the disease has reached the person's brain and is next to impossible to stop.

Because the patient's brain activity is suppresses while in a coma, doctors expect minimal brain damage while the infected person's immune system absorbs the drugs to kill the disease.

It was developed by Rodney Willoughby in 2004 when successfully performed on 15-year-old Jeanna Giese from Wisconsin.

There is a treatment, Willoughby's protocol, which sedates the patient and involves treatment with antiviral drugs.

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