Erdogan vows to 'strangle' Syrian border force formed by US

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"The Self Administration in Afrin has taken all measures", said Egid Rashid, head of the media office of the Democratic Self Administration, the local government associated with the Kurdish Democratic Union Party, or PYD.

Russia, which backs the Syrian government, said the United States move might lead to the "break-up of a large territory along the border with Turkey and Iraq".

On Monday Erdogan once again threatened during of an imminent attack but his time citing not only Afrin region but also Manbij, an Arab-populated city, located up east, which remains under the control of the YPG.

Turkish forces began a military fortification plan on their border, sending reinforcements to areas bordering Syria.

Mr Rashid said Afrin had "for years now been under a systematic siege posed by mercenary groups supported by the Turkish occupation". He said Turkish troops are already firing artillery at Afrin from the border.

The BSF would be responsible for preventing a "resurgence" of IS in areas where the jihadists had been cleared by the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Turkey launched an offensive in northern Syria in 2016 to push back Islamic State (IS) from its border and also block the convergence of the Kurdish-run regions.

Turkey's President has vowed to "drown" a 30,000-strong Syrian Kurdish border security force the United States is setting up.

The force will deploy along the border with Turkey to the north, the Iraqi border to the southeast and along the Euphrates River Valley, which broadly acts as the dividing line separating the US -backed SDF and Syrian government forces backed by Iran and Russian Federation.

"It is for us to suffocate this terror army before it is born", he said. Under these circumstances, the global community must show due support to Turkey's military operations in the area in light of the country's legitimate concerns.

What do other countries say?

Washington's support for Kurdish-dominated forces in Syria has long angered Ankara.

On Monday, Erdogan said preparations for the military assault on Afrin "are complete", adding that an operation could start any moment.

For much of the war, the United States and Turkey worked together, jointly supporting forces fighting against the Assad government. "Now, there aren't any guarantees", she said.The United States has led an global coalition using air strikes and special forces troops to aid fighters on the ground battling Islamic State militants in Syria since 2014.

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