Dubai's Careem targets 10000 female drivers in Saudi Arabia

The New Khaliji

The New Khaliji

Saudi women made a new history on Friday by attended the Saudi professional League game in Jeddah, an activity that was limited to men for decades.

Head of the Saudi Federation for Sports Media, Raja Al-Sulami, detailed the preparations undertaken to ready the stadiums for female fans.

The Saudi government's amendment of its tourist visa policy to allow women to enter the country without a mahram (male chaperone) is proof that the country's administration is improving its stand on women's rights.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, heir to the throne in Saudi Arabia, has taken steps to modernize the country with a bold, progressive blueprint to change the country socially, economically and politically with Saudi Vision 2030.

The kingdom, which has some of the world's tightest restrictions on women, has long barred them from sports arenas through strict rules that keep the sexes apart in public.

"But what I hear from the women around me, is that majority are not considering driving right away". In 2015, an Australian female supporter of Western Sydney Wanderers soccer club was permitted to attend a match at Riyadh's main stadium and a group of American women traveling with members of U.S. Congress watched a local club match, also in Riyadh.

Chauffeur-driven auto booking services, Uber and Careem, are set to recruit female drivers in Saudi Arabia as the kingdom lifted a ban on women driving vehicles in September a year ago.

All unaccompanied adult women are permitted to enter stadiums in three major cities - Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam. "The commission's IT department is now building an electronic system for the issuance of tourist visas, coordinating with representatives of the National Information Centre and the Foreign Ministry", Al Mubarak is quoted as saying. Women have controversially been banned from driving in the kingdom for nearly three decades, during which they have relied on male guardians and costly chauffeurs to ferry them from place to place.

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