President Trump touts tax cuts, reduced regulations in speech to farmers convention

President Trump touts tax cuts, reduced regulations in speech to farmers convention

President Trump touts tax cuts, reduced regulations in speech to farmers convention

He added: "The American dream is roaring back to life", saying the bill provides "historic relief for our farmer and our middle class".

Trump's opening remarks focused on praising the roles farmers have played in United States history, saying they founded the country and won its independence.

"Oh, are you happy you voted for me, you are so lucky that I gave you that privilege", he said at one point. "Years of crushing taxes, crippling regulations and corrupt politics left our communities hurting, our economy stagnant and millions of hardworking Americans completely forgotten". They are not forgotten anymore.

Trump will tout the companies that have announced bonuses and wage increases following the tax law's passage, and he is also expected to attack Democratic lawmakers for unanimously voting against the measure. He noted that under the GOP-backed tax plan, farmers can write off 100 percent of the cost of newly purchased farming equipment, instead of spreading out the deduction over several years.

At that, the crowd erupted into loud applause, cheers and a standing ovation, where the president urged those who were seated to "get up".

"Today, the task force is releasing its final report and I am taking action", President Trump said. Today's executive orders echo the important steps Republicans, led by Governor Haslam, took a year ago in passing the Tennessee Broadband Accessibility Act, ensuring economic opportunity exists no matter where you live and includes having access to high speed internet. "It was an assault, indeed", Trump said. "If more business competition is the goal, then it makes sense that competition policy that helps new broadband providers is where we start".

"The title is so attractive, and that's where it stopped", said Trump, later adding, "We ditched the rule".

"You embody the values of hard work, grit, self reliance and sheer determination to - did you ever hear this expression? - make America great again", said Trump, with reference to his popular campaign slogan.

"We have to remember our history - mostly good, some not good", Trump said.

Mr. Boyd said, "I am proud that President Trump chose Tennessee to outline his vision for ending the opioid epidemic and expanding rural access to broadband".

The executive order will instruct the General Services Administration (GSA) to make sure it provides the necessary support to the Department of the Interior and Department of Energy as they look at infrastructure assets that can be made available to help improve broadband access in rural areas that are now underserved.

The issue is one Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said he has discussed with the president.

President Donald Trump is promoting his administration's plans to boost economic development in rural communities — and reserving a seat at college football's championship game. The second will streamline the installation process by requiring agencies to use standardized forms and contracts for installing antennas on federal buildings, thus improving efficiency.

"The administration recognizes that those challenges exist, and is committed to not overlooking them or ignoring them", said Ray Starling, a special assistant to Mr. Trump who deals with farm affairs. "We have been working every day to deliver for America's farmers just as they work every single day to deliver for us".

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