Crown jewels hidden in biscuit tin during WW2

Queen elizabeth's coronation

GETTY PA The Queen described her carriage journey as'horrible

Apparently the Queen, who was 14 at the time, only found out about this during the filming of a BBC documentary about her coronation.

In the interview, Queen Elizabeth delves into some of the difficulties that can come with having to wear a crown that weighed more than two pounds.

The Queen also revealed how "horrible" it was to ride to the ceremony at Westminster Abbey in the four-ton gold coach.

The documentary features the monarch in conversation with royal commentator Alastair Bruce and tells the story of the crown jewels and the ceremony of crowning a new monarch.

"Fortunately, my father and I have the same shaped head, once on it stays (fixed)", said Queen Elizabeth II, aged 91 who on February 6 will have been the British head of state for 66 years, amply surpassing Queen Victoria's reign of 63 years and 216 days, between 1837-1901. "'Above all things, I do think of myself as just a simple Christian'".

She added: "You can't look down to read the speech, you have to take the speech up". After he delivers a sermon for the royal family at Windsor Castle, the queen says that she felt "a great joy" to be 'a simple congregant, being taught, being be able to just disappear and be.

The crown was made for George VI's coronation in 1937 and is set with 2,868 diamonds including 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds and hundreds of pearls, including four known as Queen Elizabeth I's earrings.

Queen's coronation
GETTY The Queen says she travelled halfway across London in her carriage

However, reflecting on the event, the Queen recalled her father's coronation - which she attended as a child.

"Not what they're meant to do", the Queen notes.

"They dug out this fresh, very virgin white chalk and they had to hide it with tarpaulins so when the aircraft flew over at night no clue was given to the German Luftwaffe that anything was going on", Bruce wrote.

Bruce spoke to InStyle about talking with Queen Elizabeth and his theory about why she might be choosing to speak publicly on this right now.

"'The Crown" shows the queen sipping her tea while watching the evangelist on television preach to a packed stadium.

Her Maj's crown left millions in envy when she took to the throne, but it left her fearing for serious injury. It was made in partnership with the BBC and Australian Broadcasting Corporation and is part of the Royal Collection Season, a collaboration between the BBC and Royal Collection Trust.

The remarkable story was unearthed for the BBC One programme by Oliver Urquhart Irvine, the librarian, and assistant keeper of the Queen's Archives.

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