IKEA asks women to pee on new advertisement

IKEA wants you to pee on their ad for a discount

This IKEA Ad Doubles as a Pregnancy Test (Yes, Really)

The "unique" idea comes from Swedish agency Åkestam Holst, which has held the Ikea account since 2013. The ad is for a new crib that Ikea is selling, and if the pregnancy test reveals that you are, in fact, expecting, there's a special bonus for you: you get a discount on the crib!

The ad, which has been making waves on the internet, was created using similar technology to that of pregnancy tests. Adweek called the crib ad "definitely the coolest pee-based advertising since 2001 when Animal Planet put urine-scented ads at the bottom of lampposts to attract dogs (whose owners then saw a larger ad at their own eye level promoting a dog award show)".

The strip on the ad will change color to indicate positive results and the discount will be revealed.

According to Ad Week, the ad was created in collaboration with Mercene Labs, which had to make "several technical advancements" in order for the coupon to work. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?), you can't find the magazine ad in the states; it's only available in Amelia magazine, one of Sweden's most popular publications for women.

Guess we'll have to wait until women are presenting torn out pee-soaked ads to IKEA cashiers before we can confirm it's legit.

Does it come with a plastic baggie? It's time to test your dedication to getting a good discount - and whether you have a baby on board. Some ads are so flawless that you'll be talking about them for days after you see them, but others you just can't seem to get out of your head quick enough.

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