Moments After Midnight, Same Sex Couples Marry In Australia


Moments After Midnight, Same Sex Couples Marry In Australia

As of January 9, 2018 - that's today!

As the clocks struck midnight on Tuesday, dozens of same-sex couples tied the knot in Australia, marking the first legal ceremonies of their kind in the country.

The Australian Parliament overwhelming voted for same-sex marriage after a nationwide postal survey that found in November that 62 percent of respondents wanted marriage equality. With this, Australia became the 26th nation to have legalized same-sex marriages.

Glasgow Commonwealth Games sprinter Craig Burns and athlete Luke Sullivan got legally married just as the clock struck midnight in front of about 50 members of the family and friends.

Photos from the big dayTeegan & MahatiaThree wedding on the same day!

Exemptions to the month-long waiting period have already been granted to couples who have Wednesday in Melbourne, Kalgoorlie and the north-west coast of Tasmania.

In the port city of Perth in Western Australia, Gillian Brady and Lisa Goldsmith signed their marriage certificate at a ceremony at the Court Hotel.

'Just magical': First same-sex marriage ceremonies held across Australia
Moments After Midnight, Same Sex Couples Marry In Australia

Rebecca Hickson, 32, and her partner of nine years, Sarah Turnbull, 34, are another couple ready to make their commitment to each other official on Tuesday.

Their wedding cake was topped with a symbol of their love.

"So tonight I get to say marriage is between two people."
"It's been quite hectic, trying to organize that in such a short amount of time".

Most countries that have opted for marriage equality are in Europe and the Americas.

Hickson described the divisive build-up to a gay marriage ballot preceding Parliament's vote as "a frightful time".

Religious organisations and conservative lawmakers had voiced strong opposition to same-sex marriage and pressed unsuccessfully for broad protections for religious objectors, which would have allowed florists and bankers to refuse service to same-sex couples if the unions were legalised. Across Asia, same-sex marriage is illegal, although change is in prospect in Taiwan. Some Australian states ruled homosexual acts to be illegal until just 20 years ago.

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