This Andy Dalton Bills jersey is pure fire

This Andy Dalton Bills jersey is pure fire

This Andy Dalton Bills jersey is pure fire

Needless to say, Buffalo needed a miracle to continue their season.

The Buffalo Bills are in the NFL's playoffs, largely, thanks to the Cincinnati Bengals. Without a doubt, a great deal of tailgaters has consumed countless wings from the establishment over the years. However, the copious amount of celery and carrots will need to be dipped in the six-gallons of blue cheese for consumption.

They made it clear that they would not miss their team's first playoff game in quite some time.

All week, Bills fans have been donating to the foundation started by the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback after his team helped the Bills get into the playoff. You'd have to go back nearly two decades for their last playoff appearance, January 8th, 2000.

"As a result of Andy Dalton throwing a touchdown to Tyler Boyd, it's put the Bills into the playoffs", says Patrick Webb, the president of the Bills Backers.

Andy Dalton is an honorary member of the Bills. The second-year wideout has created a YouCaring page for the Western PA Youth Athletic Association, which offers recreational football leagues for kids in Pittsburgh and its surrounding communities.

Numerous donations have been in $17 increments, representing each year of the playoff drought.

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