Lakers rookie Kyle Kuzma says he's 'playing like garbage' right now

Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers’ Coach Luke Walton speaks to Lonzo Ball in the Quickens Loans Arena

LaVar Ball's penchant for being a walking pull-quote continued, as the Ball Family patriarch didn't let being stationed in Lithuania prevent him from trashing Los Angeles Lakers coach Luke Walton, again.

Those comments put Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball in the hard position of both defending his father and his head coach. Walton was in good spirits, shooting around after the walk-through with Ball, Kyle Kuzma and assistant coach Brian Shaw. "They're 100 percent behind and supporting what we're doing".

Ball was asked directly if he likes Walton as his head coach.

Walton said he "would disagree" with the assertion he had lost the locker room. "As long as Zo's fine with it and Zo can come out and play and be, and it doesn't affect mine and his relationship, then it doesn't bother me at all". "We talk all the time".

"I'll play for anybody", Lonzo said when asked if he was all right with Luke Walton as his head coach, per Tania Ganguli of the Los Angeles Times.

Vitale was less jarred by Ball making life miserable for his son Lonzo, who plays under Walton, than he was by his own company for enabling him.

Lakers executives met with LaVar Ball on November 29 to ask him to tone down comments he had made questioning Walton's rotations and overall usage of his son, the No. 2 pick in June's draft. The press is going to make it out like I'm trying to demean them or they're trying to demean me.

Walton contended that he had not seen any frustrations with Ball in response to his coaching style and said he hoped comments coming from the player's father did not have an impact on the fan narrative or the organization's decision making. So, he is definitely going to have a strong opinion about it.

"That is just his opinion", Lonzo Ball said. LaVar wasn't done with Walton, though.

"I'm fine with it, it doesn't bother me", Walton said of the criticism. "I've said all along there's always parents, and parents are going to get mad at things, that's what they do". "Whatever those meetings [with LaVar Ball in the past] are, I'm not concerned with those".

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