José Mourinho fires back at Antonio Conte after criticism

Conte snaps at Mourinho 'clowns' jibe and takes aim at Wenger

Conte snaps at Mourinho 'clowns' jibe and takes aim at Wenger

With tensions rising in the top of the Premier League table between Jose Mourinho's Manchester United and Antonio Conte's Chelsea, it seems the two managers are taking things a little too personal amongst themselves. The tension in the points table has brought out a heated battle between the two managers, with both Mourinho and Conte taking digs at each other during press conferences. Probably the journalist wanted to say that but didn't have the courage, so he said 'Mourinho said you behaved like a clown'. I consider Mourinho a little man.

Mourinho intensified the spat following Manchester United's 2-0 win over Derby County on Friday, referring to Conte's ban over match-fixing allegations for which he was later acquitted.

But in 2016, the Italian was cleared by a court of any wrongdoing in the matter.

United and Chelsea are not due to meet again until February 25 at Old Trafford.

Conte had reacted angrily this week to Mourinho's assertion that he did not need to act like a "clown" in his technical area, saying: "I think he has to see himself in the past - maybe he was speaking about himself in the past". "For sure there is a good opportunity when we play against Manchester United".

"I don't blame the Chelsea manager at all and I understand his reaction". I'm ready. I don't know if he's ready'.

Conte then doubled down in his interview with the BBC, saying: "I think when there are these types of comments, and [with] the comment you try to offend a person, and you don't know the truth?"

"If you don't pay this attention, you are a little man". I repeat: I think before you speak you have to know very well what happened.

"He was a little man in the past, he's the little man in the present, maybe he will be a little man also in the future".

Conte was more scathing about Mourinho's behavior, providing the example of Mourinho attending a news conference wearing a training top with the initials "CR" following Claudio Ranieri's firing by Leicester in February a year ago.

In his response, Conte on Friday asked Mourinho to remember his antics at touchline in the past and said that he might be suffering from "senile dementia".

It all started earlier this week when Conte suggested that the United manager had forgotten some of his own past behaviour, when it was put to him that Mourinho suggested that he behaved "like a clown" on the touchline.

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