Jerry Van Dyke, comedian and actor, dies at 86

Jerry Van Dyke died Friday at 86

Jerry Van Dyke died Friday at 86

His wife Shirley, who was with him when he passed away, said his health had been deteriorating ever since they were involved in a vehicle accident a couple of years ago, TMZ reports.

Van Dyke did not achieve major success until landing the role of Luther Van Dam, the assistant coach to Craig T. Nelson's head football coach, Hayden Fox, on "Coach".

The star, who is the younger brother of legendary entertainer Dick Van Dyke, was with his wife Shirley when he died at his Arkansas ranch on Friday, TMZ reported.

Born in 1931, Jerry began his career as a stand-up comedian, making his TV debut in the series G.E. True in 1962. The ABC sitcom ran for nine seasons, ending its run in 1997. The role garnered him four Emmy nominations. She was with him by his side as he passed, and Shirley revealed that Jerry's health had been deteriorating ever since the couple got involved in a auto accident two years ago. In recent years, he was doing quietly marvelous stuff as talkative grandpa Tag Spence on The Middle.

After "Coach" ended, Van Dyke continued to make guest appearances in sitcoms like "Yes, Dear", "Raising Hope" and "My Name is Earl".

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