Nintendo Aims to Sell 20 Million Switch Units Next Fiscal Year

Switch Overtakes PS2's First year Sales Record in Japan

Nintendo Aims to Sell 20 Million Switch Units Next Fiscal Year

With a new year comes a new list of games which are set to arrive on the Nintendo Switch system. For most companies that would be a hard ask, but this is Nintendo, which is a company overflowing with IP that sells millions of copies every time a new game launches. This was despite Nintendo's constant dilemma of keeping a balance between the delivered number of units versus the demand.

If Nintendo can continue to produce games carrying the Mario, Luigi, Zelda, Kirby, Pikmin, and Pokemon names at regular intervals over the next two years, nobody would bet against the Switch hitting 50 million units or more. These titles will be released for the Switch worldwide on February 16.

Nintendo Direct streams normally see the reveal of several new titles alongside updates on those already announced and in development. The popular strategy game titled "The Escapists" had its sequel in 2017.

Nintendo's line-up of planned first-party releases for the Nintendo Switch in 2018 remains mysterious for the time being.

Nintendo, the creator of Super Mario, sold 10 million units of the hybrid console in its first nine months and seven days in stores. The firm not only launched its Nintendo Switch gaming console this year but also a few titles. The second video game in the list also belongs to Nintendo - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. That screenshot betrays a crucial detail, as many of these listings are accompanied by text that says "Just announced at the Nintendo Switch event". Considering that the Switch is already doing something no other console now does (namely, being both a living room console, and a competent hand-held device), this statement is certainly going to stir up some excitement for the future capabilities of the Switch.

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