IOF fire airstrikes on Gaza

Le Premier ministre israélien Benjamin Netanyahu le 24 décembre 2017 à JérusalemAMIR COHEN

Le Premier ministre israélien Benjamin Netanyahu le 24 décembre 2017 à JérusalemAMIR COHEN

Later on Friday, Israel struck targets in the blockaded Gaza Strip with warplanes and artillery fire after the missile was allegedly fired into Israeli territory from the coastal enclave, according to the Israeli army.

When asked whether Iran had transferred the shells to Hamas, which still controls the Strip, Lieberman said that Iran "supplied [them] to many in Gaza, it's too early to say which".

On Dec. 8, a rocket launched from Gaza exploded north of the kibbutz targeted Friday, damaging several vehicles in the city of Sderot but resulting in no injury.

The rockets that have been fired from Gaza over the last three weeks reportedly are not being fired by Hamas, but by smaller Gaza terror organisations. B'siyatta d'Shmaya, the Shin Bet, along with the IDF and Israel Police, prevented the group from executing concrete plans to carry out attacks.

"The Iron Dome air-defense system intercepted two rockets fired from the Gaza Strip", the newspaper reported.

There has been an increase in Gaza rocket fire since President Donald Trump's announcement December 6 recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital. The past month has seen the largest incidence of rocket fire from the Strip since the 2014 Israel-Hamas war.

"The rockets were launched by a terror organization that used standard-grade Iranian weapons", read a tweet from the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF).

The projectile fell in within the territory of one of Eshkol's regional communities, in the Western Negev region of the country.

GAZA CITY, Palestinian Territories (AFP) - A Gazan died yesterday after being wounded by Israeli fire during a protest on the border over United States recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, a Palestinian health official said.

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