Some Samsung Galaxy Note 8 units can't charge after battery hits 0%

Image Source Weibo

Image Source Weibo

Users who have encountered the issue have tried charging the Note 8 using different cables and chargers, but the phablet refuses to charge once it reaches 0 percent and does not turn on again. Lately, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 users are reporting a odd issue, where the smartphone is failing charge after complete discharge of the battery.

As mentioned above, Samsung is now aware of the issues and has stated that "This particular problem with the Note 8 not turning on is definitely something that we want to get addressed immediately". The phone doesn't charge at all, leaving customers with no option but to contact the company. Although the aforementioned issue doesn't seem to be widespread for now, Samsung may want to take a look at it and solve the issue before it gets major attention.

Samsung's help forum has several posts from customers complaining about their phones not charging. The company is reportedly offering the affected users repairs and replacement devices.

Its Note 8 was meant to be its return to the Note moniker, however problems regarding its wireless charging have cropped up. According to them, their devices are unable to charge any longer after it drops down to zero.

That's about all there is in the new software updates issued by Verizon. Have you experienced issues with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or S8 Plus?

That being said, Samsung representatives, such as "SamsungMel" in one thread has suggested that users utilise their warranty for a replacement.

Last year, Samsung had to discontinue the Galaxy Note 7 within few months after its launch as it had encountered life-threatening battery related issues.

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