Pregnant woman strangled to death by her husband

Tonie Wells the 22-year-old mother who police found dead in Brookln NY on Dec. 27

Tonie Wells the 22-year-old mother who police found dead in Brookln NY on Dec. 27

The medical examiner will determine Wells' cause of death.

Police had previously responded to at least one other domestic violence situation at the home, according to authorities. The development comes almost 24 hours after Tonie Wells, was found dead on the steps of her own Sterling Place home in Crown Heights.

WABC reported that part of the investigation is looking into whether the 911 dispatcher who took the call gave the responding officers complete information about the initial report.

It was then, shortly before 10 a.m., that NY police officers found the pregnant 22-year-old's dead body at the bottom of a basement staircase, WCBS reported, but it wasn't the first time someone had called NYPD wondering what might be happening inside that Crown Heights home in Brooklyn, N.Y. NYPD officials said Wells suffered trauma to her body, specifically bruising on her neck. Wells' daughter was not hurt, but it's unclear how long Wells' body was inside the house with the child.

Law enforcement sources told PIX11 News that Wells was apparently strangled and thrown down the stairs.

The detained man is not the father of Wells' 2-year-old, according to family members.

The cops - who were suspended without pay - are claiming that they thought they only had to check on the outside of the home, the sources said. Her husband, Barry, 29, has been brought in for questioning surrounding the incident.

Police are reportedly aware of a social media post by Wells saying that she was eight-months pregnant.

Investigators are treating the death as a possible homicide, Deputy Chief Michael Kemper, Commanding Officer of Detective Borough Brooklyn North told reporters.

He has not officially been arrested, police said.

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