Dana White defends Conor McGregor, UFC lightweight division from 'haters'

If Georges St-Pierre fights again, Dana White says it won't be against Conor McGregor

Dana White Reportedly Meeting with Floyd Mayweather About MMA Fight

"Get through the holidays and hopefully he starts to get the itch to come back and hopefully we can get him back this summer".

Retired boxer Floyd Mayweather recently did an interview where he said that a fight in the UFC won't be happening.

The Dagestani Sambo expert may have to sit out until Ferguson and McGregor finally meet, though an actual second interim bout between Khabib and Tony has been mooted elsewhere.

White was wearing Zuffa Boxing shirts on the press tour for the boxing super fight between McGregor and Mayweather and has been a boxing fan for decades.

White argued against the idea that McGregor has ever been reluctant to defend the title and urged critics to "look at a piece of paper" and not ignore the timeline of events, which included McGregor taking time off to open 2017 for the birth of his first child and a professional boxing excursion against Mayweather in August.

In October, St-Pierre told ESPN it would be "an awesome honor" to fight McGregor (21-3), but he would not call out a smaller fighter. If whoever wins the Barboza-Khabib fight while we're trying to figure out this Conor mess, could end up fighting Tony Ferguson for the opportunity to fight Conor McGregor so we'll see.

"Money is always a factor, but we've never had a problem getting a deal done with Conor McGregor", White said.

That's certainly a new wrinkle being added to the potential plans for McGregor upon his return, as White had previously been adamant that he had to fight Ferguson to unify the titles. "And I still don't", White said.

"Right now, I don't really have a feel on what Conor wants to do. So we'll see", White said.

Despite becoming the lone UFC fighter to hold world titles in two weight divisions simultaneously, McGregor has never once defended either one.

"If Conor McGegor fights next year, that'll be awesome", White said. "If I choose to get in the Octagon and fight".

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