Dallas Mavericks officially reveal their City Edition Nike uniforms

Seltzer's Notebook | City Edition Uniforms Revealed McConnell-Brown Relationship

Seltzer's Notebook | City Edition Uniforms Revealed McConnell-Brown Relationship

Nike officially formalized its partnership with the National Basketball Association earlier this year, when he unveiled its completely reinvented versions of the National Basketball Association jersey. In the announcement came some new, hi-res images of the Cavs City Edition's that have "The Land" across the chest.

The Celtics weren't the only team to get new Nike uniforms, either. Rather than fall to home, away and alternate conventions, each Edition has a goal: celebrating elements of the league's 30 franchises. That satisfied jersey collectors for year's, but after you see these new City Edition uniforms, you'll ditch those old ones and rock these babies 24/7. The shorts feature an OH emblem on the front and "Cleveland" down the sides. In addition, for previous NBA Championship teams, Nike will include logos and patches that rep for the year each respective team won a title.

Here is a look at all the jerseys released Wednesday.

The uniform also has red accents on the sides of the shorts and jersey that were influenced by the Portland city flag.

The Los Angeles Lakers unis mesh tradition with style.

The Bulls City Edition uniform brings together the city's pride and strong history to create a legendary look for one of the NBA's most historic teams.

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