3GPP ratifies first 5G specifications at meeting in Portugal

3GPP declares first 5G NR spec complete

The First 5G Specification Has Been Approved

The new standard approved in Lisbon by the 3GPP TSG RAN group is known as 5G New Radio Non-Standalone operation (NSA) under which control signalling is still sent over LTE networks.

Members of the 3GPP have completed the first 5G standard ready for deployment. The upcoming networks will be far better than current 4G LTE networks and will offer a reasonable cost to the wireless carrier. Once they're released, vendors, including Ericsson, Qualcomm, and others, will be able to start making equipment that will ultimately power 5G networks.

A number of cities across the United States have been pegged by telecom companies to be the test sites for 5G networks. The second-largest telecom company in the United States has been running small trials of its 5G network in Austin over the course of 2017. Qualcomm has already announced support for the new standard and has plans to immediately begin development of future 5G products.

The meeting also hints that NSA 5G (Non-Standalone) will be the wireless standard's initial form when it will be firstly launched in 2019.

"Verizon is delighted that the 3GPP is moving quickly to release a global standard for mobile 5G", said Ed Chan, the company's Chief Technology Architect and Network Planning.

Deutsche Telekom CTO Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, said: "We view both the Non-Standalone and Standalone modes of New Radio as equally important for the completeness of the 5G standard specification".

For those of us that have been involved from the beginning - performing early R&D, developing prototypes, and delivering fundamental contributions to 3GPP - we understand that this milestone is no baby-step on our journey to making 5G a reality. "KT has actively participated in the standardization of 3GPP 5G through the submission of hundreds of exclusive technical contributions and hundreds of joint contributions".

"When that vote happens, that's really the green light for the ecosystem to start moving to a commercial deployment of 5G", Rob Topol, general manager of 5G Business and Technology for Intel globally, told ZDNet.

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