RI hangs on to second US House seat in population estimates

RI hangs on to second US House seat in population estimates

RI hangs on to second US House seat in population estimates

The loss caused it to slip behind Pennsylvania to the 6th most populous state in the nation.

The U.S. territory Puerto Rico lost more than 69,000 residents past year and filed for the equivalent of federal bankruptcy protection in May.

In addition to the population estimates for the 50 states and the District of Columbia, the new estimates show that Puerto Rico had an estimated population of 3.3 million, a decline from 3.4 million in 2016.

Still, residents moving to the US from other countries continue to be a significant factor in USA population growth as 1.1 million people moved to the USA over the previous year, according to the census bureau. Only West Virginia has seen more consecutive years of population decline, with five.

Eight states lost population, including IL, which saw a reduction of 33,703 people.

In terms of actual numbers, MA saw its population increase by around 37,000, which is good for 18 overall. But those gains weren't enough to offset the outflow of people to other states.

The year's growth comes from a natural increase of 34,886, and 22,587 from worldwide and domestic migration. Although there are approximately 10,000 more births than deaths in the state each year, this difference has, on average, been declining over the past several years. That and a net gain of 6,836 worldwide migrants made up for a net loss of 2,724 people moving to other states, according to the estimates.

Idaho was the nation's fastest-growing state over the past year. It's a.72 percent growth nationwide.

As for why the decline is happening, Harger said it could be linked to a declining birth rate for the state, a drop in domestic migration - meaning people coming to IL from other states - and a "leveling off" of foreign migration.

Texas' population grew by almost 400,000 people, the biggest numerical gain in the country.

California grew to more than 39.5 million people.

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