BJP will register comprehensive victories in Gujarat and Himachal: RS Prasad

Whatever the results Congress is winner Ashok Gehlot

Whatever the results Congress is winner Ashok Gehlot

The BJP is leading on 107 seats and the Congress on 72, as per the trends available after the first hour of counting.

While Kamal Nath pointed out that Gujarat is a BJP bastion and Shashi Tharoor appreciated the fact that the "journey" had been good, Renuka Chowdary hailed Gandhi for his "brilliant intervention".

A party needs 92 seats to rule the state.

"The results have shown that the people of Gujarat and Himachal are strongly with the economic initiatives taken by Prime Minister Modi and will continue to support him to see India emerge as a global economic superpower", he added.

"There is no other leader close", said Shyam Jaju, party vice-president.

The main opposition Congress party was leading in 74 seats, a jump from the 61 seats it held previously.

Modi's party was also ahead in Himachal Pradesh, the Himalayan state in the north also voting for a new state assembly.

Gujarat voted in two phases on December 9 and 14.

Modi's shock ban of high-value currency notes in November a year ago, as part of his fight against corruption, also disrupted small business that forms the bedrock of his support base.

The Congress party has been steadily losing ground to the BJP since Modi's party swept to power in national elections in 2014.

In the Congress party office in Ahmadabad, posters of Rahul Gandhi were being pasted on the wall.

Just a few days after Congress old hand Mani Shankar Aiyar's "neech" comments on Modi, Rahul Gandhi's supporter Alpesh Thakor said the PM was a "dark" person but has become "fair" because by consumption of imported mushrooms worth Rs 4,00,000 a day.

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