Dana White dismisses Conor McGregor boxing rumors: 'He's not boxing anyone'

Conor McGregor Forget Pacquiao ... I Want an MMA Fight Next!

Dana White dismisses Conor McGregor boxing rumors: 'He's not boxing anyone'

Floyd Mayweather after beating UFC star Conor McGregor. Having broken the novelty against Mayweather in his first foray into boxing, however, it would be highly unlikely that there would be anywhere near the interest that last summer's "Money Fight" managed. On Periscope, Floyd Mayweather says that the UFC offered him a three to four fight, $1 billion deal to fight in the Octagon.

By now, you know you're not going to see Conor McGregor return before year's end. Duh.

That long-awaited fight garnered 4.6m buys in North America, 300,000 more than Mayweather's 50th career victory.

Showtime added that global revenues, including ticket sales, sponsorship and worldwide distribution, exceeded $600m (£450.42m).

At the moment, Tony Ferguson looks to be the favorite to face Notorious next inside the Octagon in a lightweight title unification fight since he is the interim UFC Lightweight Champion.

Pacquiao said earlier this month that preliminary talks had begun around a boxing match between him and McGregor.

He'll not be lacking for takers if he returns to the Octagon in 2018.

But nearly immediately after that, UFC President Dana White would threaten to sue Pacquiao's camp. "He's not that great a boxer, and I think we all saw that".

The UFC Lightweight Champion has also been linked to pro wrestling in the past, but the fighter gave a pretty simple answer when asked if there may be a future in sports entertainment.

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