Sensex surges 300 points as markets welcome exit poll predictions

With Sena Dishing Advice to BJP Post its Gujarat, Himachal Wins, JD(U) too Has Something to Say

How Gujarat was won

"A victory for the BJP will be received well by the market while a surprise defeat (against the forecasts of the exit polls) would be a large negative surprise for the market".

The second and final phase of the Gujarat elections were held on Thursday, with a 68.70% voter turnout.

With the Karnataka Assembly Elections around the corner, the increase in faith of the electorate in Congress may prove to be a headache that the BJP strategist Amit Shah may have to deal with, even as the party hopes to change the fortunes in the Congress-ruled state.

Most of the exit polls predicted that Congress would increase its numbers from 61 in 2012. The three are seen as the safe seats for the BJP. The current analysis by NewsX in collaboration with CNX says that BJP would get 45.40% of votes whereas Congress would get a 37.75% vote share.

The official results will be known only on December 18 after counting is over, but the exit polls showed an unprecedented expansion of BJP's national electoral footprint and a body blow to Rahul Gandhi, the imminent political heir apparent to Congress party president Sonia Gandhi.

In the outgoing 13th Gujarat Legislative Assembly, the BJP had 115 members and the Congress 43. Sahara Samay has predicted that the BJP will get between 110-120 seats while the Congress will get 65-75 seats.

The exit poll by Republic-CVoter projects a BJP win from 41 constituencies and 25 for the Congress. In Ahmedabad city, Vejalpur seat reported 69.01% voting, the highest among the 16 urban seats. There are a total of 68 seats in Himachal Pradesh, elections to which were held on November 9.

The total number of registered voters in Ahmedabad district is 52.75 lakh, of whom about approximately 34.81 lakh exercised their right to vote, while nearly 18 lakh voters kept away from polling.

Similarly if Congress, which is predicted to get 76-78 seats, gets 78 + the bookies will get Rs 35,000 on Rs 1 lakh. The final results will be out on December 18. Gujarat has about 4.33 crore eligible voters, and saw a contest over 182 seats, in which 1,828 candidates fought it out.

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