Google's Year in Search 2017: Bahubali 2 was India's top trend

Google's Year in Search 2017: Bahubali 2 was India's top trend

Google's Year in Search 2017: Bahubali 2 was India's top trend

The internet giant has revealed the most searched for terms and questions of 2017, and the cryptocurrency takes two slots on the list of most popular "How to" searches, as well as featuring in the "What is" top ten.

The above video highlights numerous top searches over the past year, including North Korea, several natural disasters, the total solar eclipse, the Las Vegas Shooting, and the "Me Too" movement.

And that was reflected in the way people searched for stuff online.

The hurricane slammed the Caribbean and Florida in September and caused catastrophic damage in Barbuda, the Virgin Islands, Anguilla, Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy. Former NBC anchor Matt Lauer hit No. 2 overall and was the top person search in general. The storm killed dozens of people.

Topping that list were: Hurricane Irma, Matt Lauer, Tom Petty, Super Bowl and Las Vegas shooting. The solar eclipse and fidget spinners also made the list. Last year, people mourned Prince, got lottery fever and, not surprisingly, searched all about the USA election. Markle recently announced her engagement to Prince Harry.

Exposés by The New York Times and The New Yorker detailed the accounts of women who spoke out about Weinstein's alleged sexual misconduct.

What does a cricket-mad nation obsessed with movies search for on Google? Top global searches includes a natural disaster, the latest phones, celebrities, TV shows, and more.

Here in the USA, the top overall searches cover a pretty wide range of the human experience, running the gamut from natural phenomenon, to sports, to human tragedy, to the sexual misconduct allegations that have been echoing across a wide range of industries in recent months.

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