PUBG Xbox One: How to Crouch

PUBG Xbox One: How to Crouch

PUBG Xbox One: How to Crouch

The entire control structure is meant to be as easy to use as possible whilst also allowing players maximum flexibility; as such many buttons have double uses, particularly the standard controls - for example, holding X will reload your weapon whereas tapping X allows you to interact with nearby objects. With the game no longer being exclusive to the PC, console players (at least on the Xbox) can now get in on the fun as well.

Upon PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' highly anticipated release into the Xbox Game Preview program today, players discovered that a feature usually a part of the program was oddly absent.

The "X" button interacts with objects if you press it, and reloads weapons if you hold it.

A first-person mode would have served as a better introduction to the gameplay, since you won't have to worry about the bad setup for dual-aiming that much. While I don't have an Xbox One X, I do have an S and it's almost unplayable. I managed to pursue a player across a wide open field without them noticing me at all, which would have never happened in the PC version of the game where players are constantly spinning the camera to check behind them.

From what we could tell, Battlegrounds on console doesn't make use of any form of auto-aim, which has been a staple of the genre since GoldenEye.

The process of adapting the controls has been called a "challenge", although Microsoft us confident it's found the best balance. It's possible that the game will have a day one update that will increase its file size, but fans won't know for sure until the game itself goes live. The size of the game shouldn't have much of an impact on how much players enjoy it, however, and it will be interesting to see if console gamers gravitate to it in the same way PC players have this past year.

But as it stands, I felt constricted by the controller in my early matches, and I worry that new players won't get what all of the fuss is about if they haven't touched the PC version.

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