Santa Claus quizzed by kids about Al Franken, Roy Moore

Santa Claus quizzed by kids about Al Franken, Roy Moore

Santa Claus quizzed by kids about Al Franken, Roy Moore

In the end, Santa's elf Kate McKinnon offers an uplifting message to brighten the SNL cold open. "I learned that if you admit you did something wrong, you get in trouble", says one wide-eyed child.

For example, after asking for some blocks and laser tag, one curious boy asked Saint Nick, "Can you tell me, what did Al Franken do?".

Santa, taken aback, asks his Elf friend (played by Kate McKinnon) for some help.

"No", she replies. "And in this climate, can you just call me Amy?".

After Tyler, a girl named Jessica visits Santa, and wants to know if President Donald Trump is on the naughty list.

In the course of answering these questions, the cold open touches up the real-life woes of Trump, Rep.

After shooing off the first child, a young girl comes forward with a follow-up question regarding whether Trump would be on the naughty list.

'I'm sure we can all learn a lesson from what's going on in the news, ' Santa told one girl. Our president may have said and done a few naughty things.

"I know", the girl replied. Ryan promises "entitlement reform" in 2018 MORE (D-Minn.), Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore and President Trump.

Unfortunately, the kids that head up to sit on Santa's lap are starting to understand that as long as you deny any wrongdoing, you can always keep your job in the public sector.

The skit ended with the elf telling a little girl that 'I know that things seem particularly insane.

"We seem to have lost all perspective on what's naught and nice", McKinnon tells a child.

If these kids are anything, it's tuned in... as in tuned to CNN, MSNBC and even Fox News. Instead, Thompson was asked questions like, "What did Al Franken do?"

Jost then took a shot at Trump for tweeting his support for Roy Moore by tweeting 'Go get 'em Roy!' Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not for another three years, forty two days, and 24 minutes, Jenny.

Upon being asked by Thompson whether he wants a toy for Christmas, one boy says, "Like the one Matt Lauer gave to his co-worker?"

"Just in case", says Jenny, "I'm putting all my money in Bitcoin".

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