Trailer for sci-fi action film 'Alita: Battle Angel' drops

The first trailer for Robert Rodriguez's Alita: Battle Angel falls squarely into the uncanny valley

Trailer for sci-fi action film 'Alita: Battle Angel' drops

Like some kind of fever dream from my teenaged years, visionary filmmakers James Cameron (Aliens, Avatar) and Robert Rodriguez (Sin City) have joined forces like Voltron to create a groundbreaking new science fiction vision in Alita: Battle Angel. Alita is a cyborg rescued from a scrap heap by a scientist (Christoph Waltz, in what appears to be a good guy role for once). Alita: Battle Angel's producers should have done what HBO did with the robots in Westworld - made the robots indistinguishable for their human counterparts thus the viewer would have had a suspension of disbelief. It seems that Cameron and Rodriguez took the anime adaptation too seriously with its large animated eyes.

The manga led to a couple of spinoffs: Battle Angel Alita: Last Order and Gunnm: Mars Chronicle.

The film also features Mahershala Ali, Michelle Rodriguez, Jennifer Connelly and Jackie Earle Haley. In case you're wondering, the trailer is played to the sounds of Maggie Siff's Lullaby for a Soldier (from Sons of Anarchy). Alita isn't mere junk, though, she's a trained assassin of the highest degree, and she'll have to battle to find out where she came from and what her objective is. The rebuilt Alita, remembering only her training in a deadly martial art, becomes a hunter-warrior, tracking down and eliminating vicious criminals.

Despite Dr. Ido's efforts to shield her from her mysterious origins, Alita sets out to discover the truth about her life. Alita is shown as a live-action/CGI hybrid character. The makers have maintained the anime look of Alita, even though the rest of the characters have not been given the CGI treatment.

Although the storyline in the trailer looks interesting, many fans noticed something peculiar about the main character.

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