Capcom Reveals Mega Man 11 During 30th Anniversary

Mega Man 11 art

Capcom Reveals Mega Man 11 During 30th Anniversary

Visually, the game looks unlike the other Mega Man predecessors like Mega Man 9 and 10.

Capcom released a short gameplay trailer for Mega Man 11 and it looks great. Throughout 2018, possibly leading up to Mega Man 11's release, Capcom will release the Mega Man Legacy Collections 1 & 2 on Nintendo Switch, allowing gamers to re-experience the games that started them all.

Capcom later added that all eight games will be coming to Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC in the summer of 2018. All those sequels might lead you to assume that Mega Man - or Rockman in Japan - was an immediate smash. Focusing on a variant of Mega Man named X, the game's world doesn't involve Doctor Wily, the main village of the normal Mega Man series.

In Mega Man 11, Rock (aka Mega Man) will take on Dr.

Don't forget to check out the Twitch live stream in the meantime to celebrate Mega Man's 30th anniversary as well, just head to the link right here.

Based on the trailer, the game has only two major changes from its predecessors, and they both relate to the art style.

If you simply can't wait for Mega Man 11, you'll have some other Mega Man games to play between now and then.

This feature will also roll out to existing owners of the game on PlayStation 4 system, Xbox One, and PC. As for X8, many consider this to be an underrated title in the series since it did improve a lot from X7. Mega Man fans have been hoping for another classic-styled entry to the platformer series since the release of Mega Man 10 seven years ago.

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