North Korea won't disarm, says Russian delegation to Pyongyang: RIA

North Korea's new Hwasong-15 ICBM is mounted on a mobile launcher in this

North Korea won't disarm, says Russian delegation to Pyongyang: RIA

The months-long nuclear standoff between Kim and Trump has fueled concerns of another conflict, but even some Trump advisers say U.S. military options are limited when Pyongyang could launch an artillery barrage on the South Korean capital, Seoul, which is about 50km from the border and home to 10 million people.

"If someone really wants to use force to, as the USA representative to the United Nations put it, destroy North Korea ... then I think that is playing with fire and a big mistake", Lavrov told reporters.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un thanked workers during a visit to a factory that built the tires for a huge vehicle used to transport a new intercontinental ballistic missile that was test-launched this week, the country's media reported Sunday.

The South Korean Defense Ministry has stated that the intercontinental ballistic missile recently tested by Pyongyang could potentially reach the territory of the United States.

Michael Elleman, a missile expert, told the Associated Press that Hwasong-15's estimated 13,000-kilometer (8,100-mile) range assumes a payload of around 150 kilograms (330 pounds).

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un pumps his fist while he watches the flight data of the Hwasong-15 missile in this
North Korea won't disarm, says Russian delegation to Pyongyang: RIA

"If the United States drops out of this deal, it won't be very credible in the eyes of those who are now requested to drop their (own) nuclear programme like North Korea", Lavrov said. Elleman estimates that the missiles would struggle even to reach the US's west coast with a reasonably size nuclear warhead aboard.

But North Korea just showed a domestically made missile and missile launcher. "President Trump called President Xi this morning and told him that we've come to the point where China must cut off the oil for North Korea". It showed a capacity to improve upon its existing designs and to design new missiles independently. They got it no matter how badly we wanted to stop them. "We are stuck. We have to adapt to North Korea as a nuclear power, and we will actually".

China also suggested the North should stop the tests in return for a halt to USA military exercises - a proposal Washington has rejected in the past.

The US's ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, on Wednesday said that the US was not seeking war with North Korea but that the latest launch "brings us closer to war".

Constructed in the 1980s, the Panghyon site is North Korea's primary aircraft production, repair, and research facility.

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