Ireland demands 'significantly more clarity' from United Kingdom over #Brexit border

DUP warns border issue could threaten stability of British Government

Brexit: EU sets midnight on Sunday deadline for Theresa May to agree Northern Ireland deal

Right now, the U.K.'s government is being propped up by a small party from Northern Ireland.

A breakthrough on the issue of the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland after Britain leaves the European Union is "doable" before the EU summit on December 14, Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney said on Friday.

A mis-step by May could bring down the British government or spook British businesses fearful of a cliff-edge Brexit without a transition deal. "If it is not possible to do that, so be it".

Mentioning British Prime Minister Theresa May's request that a final offer is put on the table by December 4, Tusk added that after that: "We can assess whether sufficient progress can be made at the upcoming European Council".

Britain in the coming days needs to demonstrate "sufficient progress" on three key European Union conditions - a financial settlement, rights of expatriate citizens and the Irish border - for leaders to give a green light to trade talks at a summit on 14-15 December. "The area that we've focused in on is the need to give reassurance that there will not be regulatory divergence between the two jurisdictions on the island of Ireland, because if there is, then it is very hard to avoid a checking system".

The British Government is reportedly close to reaching a solution on the Irish border after Brexit.

Officials from the Democratic Unionist Party are considering pulling their support of the ruling Conservative Party, depending on how Brexit affects the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland.

Ireland's premier on Friday called on London to provide a "credible" plan for the border separating his country from the United Kingdom once Britain leaves the European Union.

Efforts to reach a deal are to intensify with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar to hold talks with European Council President Donald Tusk in Dublin tomorrow.

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