Philippines suspends $94m dengue vaccination programme on latest pharma alert

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Philippines suspends $94m dengue vaccination programme on latest pharma alert

So, when a person encounters dengue naturally after a previous vaccination, their immune system could process it as a second infection that's much more severe, according to the team from Imperial College London, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the University of Florida. But longer-term, in previously uninfected patients, the analysis found that more cases of severe disease could occur following vaccination.

Before the current analysis, a research team past year found that the vaccine-if given to dengue-naïve individuals-"acts very much like a natural infection but without making recipients sick".

"The DOH assures the public that it is serious in carrying out its mandate to always guard the health and well-being of its constituents".

However, DOH Assistant Secretary Lyndon Lee Suy on November 7 said that it is unethical to stop the administration of the vaccine without completing three doses as doing so would "create more problems".

On Wednesday, Sanofi $SNY said that their investigators had determined that Dengvaxia presented a real threat to patients who were vaccinated against dengue without having first been exposed to it.

The health department, nonetheless, is reviewing its contract with Sanofi.

Sanofi cited an analysis of six years of clinical data for its revised finding that Dengvaxia-the world's first approved vaccine for dengue-performed differently in patients based on whether they had been previously infected with dengue.

"The latest medical report issued by Sanofi is deeply shocking and disturbing especially to any parent whose children have received the vaccine", she said.

Duque said the government will profile all those who received the vaccination and heighten its surveillance mechanisms. "The value of that has to be preserved, and our vaccination programme has to be enhanced and strengthened, and we are committed to do exactly that", he said.

Duque said the vaccinations are halted until DOH is able to get a recommendation from the World Health Organization (WHO). "Sanofi should also be made accountable for their haphazard release of the drugs without complete and proper clinical studies". The WHO has already taken the dynamic into effect has recommends the vaccine-along with other countermeasures-in areas where dengue is prevalent.

"They immunized nearly the same number as the ones vaccinated here".

"As chair of the Senate Committee on Health, I intend to call for an investigation on the disturbing findings related to the dengue vaccine, Dengvaxia", he said.

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